Top 10 Sensational Soaking Tub Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small circular design makes your bathroom appear larger than what it really is.

When it comes to placing a bath tub in a tight bathroom space, many home owners find it a challenge to find something that is comfortable to soak in, something that fits well, won’t take up all the space, and something that won’t shrink the size or the appearance of your bathroom. With this said, there are many newer models to choose from today that are specifically suited for and made for the smaller bathroom spaces in a home. So, if you are in a small home,or simply have small bathroom spaces to work with, these are the top 10 sensational soaking tub ideas for small bathrooms to consider for your home.

1. Bathtub whirlpool

Small circular design, and space saving models are great. Plus, there are a number of distinct design features, that truly make these tubs stand out in any space. With various models, you are likely to find one that fits well in any tight space, yet opens up the space, and makes your bathroom appear larger than what it really is, once it is installed.

2. Claw tub

Not only are they smaller than traditional tubs, they also have the vintage charm and appeal that many home owners are going to love when they choose this tub style for their home. Further, there are various shapes, design features, and different metal finishes to choose from, when you are deciding on the ideal claw tub foot finish for installation in the home.

3. Corner tub

This is a great option if there are angles in your bathroom. The v-shaped finish allows you to install these in any tight corner, as they are narrow towards the wall, yet open up as they extend towards the outside of the tub. Not only are they great for a tight space, they also have a distinct shape that is going to stand out, and they provide you with sufficient seating room to soak in for a while as well.

4. Japanese soaking tub

This is one of the most common options when it comes to a tight space. Due to the fact that these tubs are extremely deep, but do not take up too much room in the bathroom, makes them a great choice for many home owners who are working with a limited space, yet want a soaker tub in their bathroom space. Further, they come in a variety of wood finishes and great styles, so you can find one that goes well in any space, and will stand out with the distinct decor and style.

5. Go oval

Rather than the larger square or rectangular tubs, like the Japanese soaker, the oval shaped tub is a great option to consider if you are limited on space. Since they are also a deeper style tub, and do not extend out too far, this makes them ideal for those who like a longer soak, and for the bathroom spaces, that simply do not have all that much room to work with, when it comes to choosing a new tub for the space.

6. Deep soaking tub

Luxury and comfort come to mind when thinking of deep soaking tubs. These tubs come in various shapes, sizes, and distinct patterns and materials as well. Since there are various options to choose from, every home owner can find the shape that fits in best with the tight bathroom space they are working with, when it comes to installing a new tub in to their bathroom, when they are working with less space than the average bathroom has to offer in a home.

7. All in one

Although not everyone likes the shower and tub combo, this is still an option to consider, especially if you are dealing with extremely limited space and tight corners in your bathroom. Due to the fact that there are newer tubs and models to choose from, these all in one tubs can still look rather luxurious, and some have separate attachments, and space for bathing and for showering, so it feels as if they are individual pieces when you do install them in to your bathroom space.

8. Go with an incline

If you are limited in space, and can’t find room to wiggle, an option is to go with an inclined tub. This allows you to go deeper in to the ground, so as to take space down, but not across the bathroom. There are many man built tubs you can choose from, and different companies make tubs that extend below the floor’s level, which will not only give the bathroom a higher, and larger appearance, but will also allow you to build a larger tub, without having to compromise the space for the rest of the items in the bathroom you would like to install in the tight space.

9. Opt for style

There are many “short tub” models available today. What these tubs are is basically a traditional soaker tub, minus six to eight inches in length. But, these tubs do not skimp on style or features, and offer an extensive number of models and design features to choose from. So, you are giving up a few inches in length, yet you are still getting great design and style with these short tub models.

10. Drop in tub

Drop in, or “skinny” tub models, are in now as well. These models are much slimmer than traditional tubs, but make a dip, giving you just as much room to soak and relax in the tub, without taking up too much space in the bathroom. They look good, and the distinct dip in these tubs, is really going to allow them to stand out in any bathroom space you install them in to.

Just because you are limited in space, does not mean you have to give up on comfort, or owning a separate shower and tub in your home. These are the top 10 sensational soaking tub ideas for small bathrooms to consider, if you do have quite a limited space to work with when you are updating your home’s bathroom spaces.