Apartment Complex Floor Plans: Aspect To Consider in Building Your Apartment


If you have recently decided to build an apartment complex, you probably have a great deal of excitement and perhaps some trepidation. Constructing a building is not as easy as planning for the design. If you have never constructed a building from the ground up, you are probably wondering where the best place to begin.

The first aspect of constructing the design of the apartment complex is the land on which it will be built. This includes things like the soil that is there, any wetlands on or near your property and the existing trees and foliage. For example, if there are a few lovely trees on site, you may wish to speak to a design artist about whether or not they can be left in place and have the building constructed around them.

Related to the land you own where the structure will be built is the land surrounding it. For example, are there hills or trees that will cast long shadows on certain parts of the property throughout the day? If the land is located within city limits, there may be tall or busy buildings nearby which may also influence some of your choices.

You will need to think about what types of residents you wish to attract. This includes looking into the neighborhood and getting a feel for who would be comfortable there. If the land is located within a good school district, you may want to focus on family dwellings. If there are multiple facilities nearby that employ childless couples, factor that into your decision making as well.

If at all possible, consider how the sun will rise and set on the property. Be considerate of the prospective tenants and how this will influence their exposure to sunlight and how it affects their heating and cooling costs.

Some tenants are likely to want to grow some plants hence that should be considered as well. A generous private porch or balcony can go a long way toward making the apartment more enticing to those with a green thumb.

In many communities, having a swimming pool is a given at most complexes. This is especially true in climates where it is warm year round. While these can cost a bit more money for installation and maintenance, it also makes the apartments more valuable and desirable.

Parking is another factor to consider when building your complex. Think about the type of parking that your tenants are going to require. If you have many units that are made for couples or those with large families, they may need up to two spaces each. Look around to see what options are nearby. For instance, some complexes are close enough to the street that a few spaces may be available there. However, many renters will find this unacceptable if they are not readily able to locate a parking space near the door of their unit.

Think about the types of things that you will be including in the building and how they will influence the floor plan design. If the units are going to be fairly small, you may want to include some space saving elements in order to make the place more appealing. A Murphy bed or shelving that hides itself away is a great example of this type of innovative thought.

If you think about all of these aspects of floor plan design while you are determining how to lay out your new building, you will surely be successful at finding and retaining renters for a long time.