Multi-Level Kitchen Island Designs

For those who are going to remodel or renovate their kitchen, you might want to use multi-level kitchen island designs. The design is able to bring interesting and personally customized look onto your kitchen. By using this design, people can focus more to the task which is performed in the kitchen with your family members.

Multi-Level Kitchen Island Designs – Consider the height

The multi-level kitchen island design is going to guide you to determine the levels on how high the kitchen island should be made. The right level is important to provide the comfort in completing the kitchen tasks. This aspect is also important to provide the comfort while you’re eating, cooking, or having another activity in the kitchen. It is highly recommended for you to create the multi-level design, since it will accommodate the easy and comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen.  This type of Kitchen Island needs height standardization.  

It is on the part of countertop which should reach up to thirty six inches. However, it is possible for you to customize the height according to your family average height. Just make sure the height level is suitable for you and your family members. By having the right customized height, you will be able to roll out cake dough, cut the fruit, or mix the ingredients easily and comfortably.

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Multi-Level Kitchen Island Designs – Set up additional sink

For those who have more budgets for multi-level kitchen island designs project, you are recommended to install the small additional sink. By having this sink, the kitchen users do not need to move from the island to the main kitchen sink. You are recommended to design the sink, so it will be lower than the preparation area. The main reason is because you will be able to wipe the cooking mess into the sink easily, since it is lower than the preparation area. You need to design the food preparation area; it is not higher than four feet height.  So, you can enjoy adequate working space.

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Multi-Level Kitchen Island Designs – Additional small desk

You might also want to add the small desk which is useful to store and to sort mails and other household papers in your multi-level kitchen designs. In adding the desk, you should make sure you have enough clear space to sit. For this desk, you can build it with the height of 24 up to 26 inches.  As the alternative, you can have the file cabinet on the desk side. The main function of the cabinet is keeping the desk in good organization. You can also store your papers inside the cabinet, so those will not appear on the public sights.

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Multi-Level Kitchen Island Designs – Shelves for additional display and fill this with kitchen utilities

When you are installing the multi-level kitchen island designs, you should give the extra space for the decoration. You are recommended to make up shelves under the preparation areas. The shelves are very useful for easy access during the preparation process. You will be able to fill the extra space with your bowls, mixer, cookbooks, and toaster for additional display. By using semi hidden place, you can have the extra space, but still having the neat and organized appearance to your kitchen.

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Multi-Level Kitchen Island Designs – Additional countertop

One of the most popular ideas of multi-level kitchen island designs is the additional bar-height countertop. This part is useful for serving the foods. You can also have the sense of bar and grill atmosphere. It is possible for you to add the swivel chairs for the seating on one side while you are preparing the foods on the other sides. By using this model, you will be able to create interesting look which will boost the users’ appetite.