How To Hide A Camera In A Bathroom

Smoke detectors are a great place to hide a camera in the bathroom.

Hiding a camera in a bathroom is easier to do today than ever in the past. The reasons you may choose to place a camera in the bathroom may vary; from public companies trying to prevent theft, to home owners simply looking for a means to fully protect the home. Regardless of the reason you have chosen to place a camera in the bathroom, it is quite simple to hide, because of the many styles, sizes, and distinct features available to customers today. These are a few options for those who are wondering how to hide a camera in a bathroom space.

Go mini

With mini hidden cameras, it is quite simple to hide a camera away , in a variety of conspicuous spaces where people would never think to look. These small cameras can easily be hidden away in to plants, they can be stowed away behind mirrors, or can even be placed in walls or behind doors. With small, electrical wiring that takes place behind the walls, people will never know these mini cameras are hidden in your bathroom, they are extremely discrete, and with newer technologies, even these smaller cameras are capable of capturing excellent visual and sound quality if you place them in your bathroom space.

Use items in your bathroom

Another simple option to consider when you are trying to hide cameras in a bathroom is to use what is already in place. One of the easiest options is to go behind the plates where your light switch is located. Not only is it extremely easy to remove these plates, but the electrical wiring is already in place, so there is no need to do any added work. Plus, you can easily cover up these smaller cameras, without having to do too much extra work when you install them in the home. With such small lenses, there are a number of cameras you can find that will easily fit in behind these plates; once installed, simply screw the plates back in, and the cameras are up and ready to go.

Another option is the vanity in your bathroom. You can find different cameras which can be placed behind, or directly below the vanity that is located in the bathroom. With newer technologies, companies are developing these smaller, more discrete cameras, which will allow you to place a camera nearly anywhere, without having to worry about it being seen by those who do use the space in your home. Depending on the type of camera chosen, you will either place these mini cameras below the vanity space, or directly behind it.

Mirrors are another common option when it comes to installing the hidden cameras in a bathroom. Due to the fact that all you need is a small hole for the lens to be seen, it does not take too much room or expertise in order for you to be able to install the new camera in the space. Simply remove the mirror, place the camera behind the wall, and it is ready to go in your bathroom.

Smoke detector

Smoke detectors are a great place for you to go as well, when you are wondering how to hide camera in a bathroom space. Again, it simply requires a small pinhole sized shape, with the newer technologies, so that you can see what is going on in the bathroom. Like a light switch plate, it is very easy for you to uncover the top level of the smoke detector, and with the small holes that are clearly visible on most detectors, it won’t be too difficult for you to see what is going on once it is installed. And, with the wiring already in place, it is also going to be quite simple for you to install the new camera in the bathroom, if you opt to go with the smoke detector as a location to install it. With smaller camera systems, you won’t have to worry about wires hanging, or it being visible to those who walk in to the bathroom either; and, with newer systems, they are quite simple for you to install, which makes it all the easier for those who want to install hidden cameras in the bathroom.


New wireless systems allow you to go up to 100 ft, maybe even 200 ft, as long as you have a router to connect wirelessly. What this means is that you do not even have to place the camera in the bathroom. If you have a living room, dining room, or bedroom that is adjacent to the bathroom, all you need is to place the camera behind the wall in one of these rooms, connect it via a wireless signal, and create a small pinhole in the bathroom, in order to be able to see in to the space. And, there are hundreds of newer models, and cameras, that are available, which make it quite simple to hook up these wireless systems, for those who opt to go this route when installing the new camera in to the home’s bathroom, or other public bathroom space. And, because the newer cameras do have such a high quality and resolution, it is going to make it quite easy for you to install them in a room that is adjacent to the bathroom, and still get a pretty clear image when you are placing it in use in the bathroom space.

Many people today choose to wire their entire home, and place camera in all of the rooms in the home – including the bathroom. If this is the case, you may want it to be a conspicuous space, and something that your visitors are not going to see when they walk in to the space. So, you have to know how to hide a camera in a bathroom. With these simple solutions, it is not only easy to do, but it is also going to be hidden from all who walk in to your home, and use the bathrooms in it.